The food at a wedding is an important part of the entire ceremony. If you are a catering company, deciding on the menu is an integral part of your planning. It is always influenced by many other things, including the budget, preference of the bride and groom, and the number of people who are invited. Some of the menu choices you can use are:

For Sit Down Dinner

Sit down wedding dinners are among the popular events you can handle as a catering company. Menu ideas in this case are:

For Appetizer:

You can try a seafood salad or a light vegetable salad.

For the main course:

You can choose from fried chicken, broiled salmon, or lamb accompanied by mashed potatoes, pasta or fried rice.

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For a Buffet

Buffets always work best for couples that want a casual fit and are working with a small budget. The food choice is always drawn from different food groups. It consists of many courses. You can use to give the guests two entrees and make them choose when they respond to your invite. This type of menu is always good for most people because it gives guests a wide option to choose from. Some of the things you can have in a buffet are dessert (baked and fruits) main meal of beef, chicken, rice, pasta, potatoes, mixed vegetables and a unique meal that the bride and groom have chosen. Make sure that everyone is catered for in your food choices.