Catering for Private functions has grown in popularity in recent years. The growth of the industry is attributable to several reasons. This section will attempt to decipher the reasons behind the spectacular growth.

Changing Demographics

The population demographics have shifted from monoculture to a mix of cultures. This is seeing both at the family level and at the workplace. For this reason, service providers have identified a niche by bringing service that caters for this diverse demographic. A Company with a global mix of talent will be sensitive in the planning of parties for its staff. A cultural mishap could pose potential problems at the place, creating bad blood and breeding a toxic culture. All this could be avoided by hiring experienced service providers with the requisite exposure to cater to any demographic.

Growth of Outsourcing

Companies and public entities cannot do everything by themselves. This has led to the upshot of a culture of outsourcing some services to private providers. Catering has been among the services that have been largely outsourced. From delivering office snacks and tea to planning and delivering end of year parties, outsourcing has grown to become a critical lever of support to other businesses.

Risk Allocation Rationale

The golden rule in risk is the allocation of risk to a party that can better handle the uncertainty. Catering for private functions is not everyone’s cup of tea. For private entities and public institutions that lack the capacity, financial and non-financial, to deliver a successful, memorable function, transferring the risk to a specialised service provider is the next best course of action.

Saves on Valuable Time

Catering is a hectic activity and requires a lot of attention to detail. For Company staff and family members engaged in typical day to day activities, planning and implementing a successful function maybe next to impossible. The demand on time may be too much leaving some details unattended or neglecting on their core activities.