Many catering companies have a bad reputation from clients only because they did not prepare well. While party attendees avoid catering foods for either being sub-standard or too spicy, here is what you could do to set your company apart.

Know Your Guests

The world is full of people with different food preferences. While you cannot always please everyone, knowing who exactly is coming to the dinner party will help you plan accordingly. Things like ethnic backgrounds, guest residence and profession will help you in suggesting an appropriate menu.

Top Preferences

Knowing your guest list will enable you to understand their top preferences. For example, if there are vegans in the crowd, what would they want to eat? The elderly tend to go for milder menus, while business people prefer quick bites. Knowing personal preferences will help you prepare something everyone can enjoy.

Have Several Menu Choices

Try as much as possible to provide a variety of options. If there’s meat in the menu, do both red and white meat. Have different salad courses and provide at least two or three salad dressings to go with it. Consider having two desserts as well; one healthy and one indulgent.

Plan for Special Needs

These days there are a lot of diet-related allergies thus you will always find a few people in an event who are intolerant to some types of foods due to medical reasons. Plan to cater to such a group as well. Also, religion could dictate what someone eats, so attending to religious needs will also give you a plus.

Stick to the Meeting Setting

The type of meeting will dictate most menu choices. For example, you cannot serve the same menu at a cocktail dinner and at a boardroom gathering. Table settings and the event d├ęcor might also dictate the menu choice.

The bottom line is that you always have a variety of foods and do your research to offer the right menu.